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Checklist for external seo ecommerce site optimization


So let's look at the search engine optimization checklist for an e-commerce site.

•    Reduce the loading time of pages
•    Make interesting and provocative content.
•    Pay attention to social networks
•    Optimize titles and descriptors
•    Add products to home
•    Optimize the structure
•    Create a blog and invite authors.
•    Optimize images for search engines
•    Make an XML sitemap
•    Now let's go through this checklist for more details.
•    Download time pages

The speed of loading pages on the site affects the position of the site in the top search results. Therefore, you should check the download speed of the site in GooglePageSpeed. And if it is very large, you should optimize the site following the advice of this service.

Our content is all

Yes, today content and especially catchy and provocative content solves a lot, if not everything. Therefore, the writing of this should be approached with all the responsibility and it may even be possible to hire copywriters to write optimized SEO texts.

Promotion in social networks

Social networks now also contribute to the

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  and attract additional traffic to the site. To do this, you need to create groups in social networks and promote them using interesting content.

Optimize titles and descriptors

Titles and descriptors allow you to promote your products for keywords in search engines.

Products on the main

Your main page is the face of your site for both search engines and users, so you can add the most popular products there.

Structure optimization

Remember the rule of 3 clicks, that is, the user must get to any page of the site. Therefore, you should think about a more compact site structure.
Blog as a means of additional traffic
For an online store, a blog about how to choose a product will help with additional means of attracting traffic. And of course, you should not abandon it.

Image Optimization

Be sure to fill in the alt attribute for images, this contributes to website promotion in search engines.
XML sitemap
An XML sitemap helps the search robot to quickly navigate the structure of your site and thereby index the site faster.
If you are at a loss with external site optimization, then you can always contact Promodo and the company’s experts will provide you with a search engine optimization service for your site.